May 1, 2024

iOS Feature Flags are Now Free!

Unlimited free feature toggles for Swift and Objective-C developers

A control board with toggles and sliders

We're excited to announce a major update to our pricing: unlimited feature flags are now completely free!

What's Included?

Our free plan includes everything you need to get started with feature flags:

  • Unlimited feature flags
  • Unlimited remote updates
  • Unlimited MAUs (monthly active users)
  • Unlimited requests
  • Progressive Rollout & Rollbacks

No hidden costs or limitations. We only charge for the features that set us apart and deliver unique value to your business.

Just want the code?

Why Choose Critical Moments for Mobile Feature Flags?

Smarter Feature Flags!

What sets us apart is our innovative smart feature flags: a powerful new tool that can help you target your flags to each user.

Smart flags can dynamically adjust in real-time based on a wide range of factors including device information, user context, sensors, location, permissions, connectivity, user engagement history, peripherals, and more.

What sets our targeting system apart is its real-time, local evaluation on each user's device. This unique approach empowers us to provide over 100 precise targeting criteria, dynamically update state in response to changing context, and prioritize user privacy by keeping targeting data confined to their device.

Get started quickly with our developer-friendly targeting syntax, designed to feel familiar and intuitive. With a robust set of features, including arithmetic, string and date operators, random numbers, regex, ranges, and more, you'll have the flexibility to craft any targeting logic you need.

The best part? Since targeting logic is defined in conditional strings, you can update your logic at any time, over the air, without the need for app updates. This means you can quickly fix bugs, refine your targeting, and roll out new features without waiting for app store approvals.

Here are some examples of how you can use smart feature flags to improve your app:

Targeted Messaging

  • Promote your Apple Watch companion app, only to the right users: has_watch
  • Show a feature that syncs Spotify playlists, only to users that have Spotify installed: canOpenUrl('Spotify:')
  • Stop bad ratings before they happen, by not asking for reviews on buggy builds: app_version not in ['buggy_version_1', 'buggy_version_2']
  • Analyze user engagement history to show messaging at the right moment (great for paywalls and ratings): eventCount('app_launch') > 5 && latestEventTime('asked_to_subscribe') < now() - duration('72h')

Bug Fixing and Maintenance

Identify and disable features causing issues on specific devices or builds: device_model_class == 'iPad' && versionLessThan(app_version, '2.4.1')

Contextual Offers that Delight

Surprise users with offers, such as a “Rainy Day Special” offer, triggered by real-time weather conditions: weather_condition IN ['Rain', 'Thunderstorms', 'HeavyRain'] && weather_cloud_cover > 0.80

Respect User Permissions

Disable features where the user has blocked required permissions. For example camera_permission != 'authorized'

Combining Properties for Advanced Targeting

Combine over 100 built-in targeting properties to handle the unexpected.

Some examples: app_install_date, has_active_network, network_connection_type, on_call, has_bt_headset, device_orientation (e.g. 'face_up'), is_daylight, interface_orientation (e.g. 'landscape'), dark_mode, screen_brightness, location_city, and over 80 more!

Try Smart Feature Flags

As mentioned earlier, our free plan comes with unlimited access to standard feature flags. This includes the capability to perform progressive rollouts or rollbacks remotely, at any time, over the air.

Our free plan includes one smart feature flag, which supports up to 25 common properties, including app version, device model, and network status. Notably, our free plan offers more targeting properties than our top competitors' paid tiers.

Upgrading to our Pro plan unlocks unlimited smart feature flags, which come with an expanded set of targeting options, featuring over 100 properties to tailor your releases.

Integrates with your existing tools and workflows

While open source projects offer free self-hosted feature flags, they come with significant overhead, including understanding, hosting, and monitoring a new service.

Critical Moments offers a more streamlined approach, allowing you to host our service as a single config file on your existing infrastructure (website, AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Github Pages, etc). This means you can leverage your existing systems for access control, version control, reviews, and deployments. You can get up and running in minutes without the need for new servers, monitoring, compliance reviews, or access systems.

Get Started Today

Experience the power of unlimited free mobile feature flags and smart feature flags for yourself. With our quick start developer guide, you can be up and running in under 15 minutes:

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