Feature Highlight
Disaster Recovery
Quickly recover from unexpected bugs, outages, deprecations, and other critical events without negative reviews.
Push App Updates
Push updates to users on older app versions.
Prevent negative reviews from buggy releases or outdated versions that rely on deprecated services.
Remotely Disable Bugs
Major bugs often only occur on specific devices, OS versions, or permission states.
Remotely disable these bugs using conditional feature flags, targeting only affected users.
Handle Outages with Ease
During a service outage, deliver a message to users explaining the issue is known and a solution is on the way.
This prevents negative reviews and reduces support tickets.
Getting Started Is Simple
1. Sign up for a free account
2. Install the Critical Moments SDK
Our quick start guide walks you through integrating our SDK into your app in only 5 lines of code!
3. Start using the features you need!
Optimize app rating, create smart feature flags, send targeted in-app-messaging, and more!
Push updates anytime over the air, without app updates.