Feature Highlight
In-App Messaging
Deliver in-app messaging to users without app updates. Target the right users and moment for each message.
Many Formats, Beautiful Native UI
Choose the ideal format for each message: modals, banners, alerts, dialogs, web links, in-app browser, deep-links and more!
All messages are natively rendered with Apple UIKit for pixel-perfect rendering, animations, and performance. Includes adaptive dark mode support.
Targeted Delivery
Delivery messages only to the users who need them.
Target based on over 100 live device conditions and user engagement history.
Over the Air Updates
Update your messages from the cloud without waiting for app store approvals.
Update message content, formatting, theme, targeting, and timing without code changes.
Handle unexpected announcements, outages, and deprecations with ease, while keeping your users informed.
Theme to Match Your Brand
With custom themes and 14 built-in themes, your in-app messages will perfectly match your brand.
Theme to Match Your Brand
Getting Started Is Simple
1. Sign up for a free account
2. Install the Critical Moments SDK
Our quick start guide walks you through integrating our SDK into your app in only 5 lines of code!
3. Start using the features you need!
Optimize app rating, create smart feature flags, send targeted in-app-messaging, and more!
Push updates anytime over the air, without app updates.