Feature Highlight
Smarter Mobile Feature Flags
Smart feature flags that adapt based on live device conditions and user engagement history.
Realtime Smart Targeting
With over 100 built-in targeting properties, feature flags dynamically toggle for each user without writing any extra code.
Properties include device information, sensors, location, permissions, connectivity, peripherals, locale, app info, and more.
Our built-in, local, and private user engagement database lets you target users based on activity history.
Over the Air Updates
Update your feature flags anytime from the cloud without app store approvals.
Change smart targeting, without writing new code.
A/B test your feature flags and roll out the winning setup to all users.
Powerful Conditional Logic
Go far beyond simple and/or logic.
Our feature flags can target using functions, arithmetic, set operations, database queries, custom properties, and more.
Getting Started Is Simple
1. Sign up for a free account
2. Install the Critical Moments SDK
Our quick start guide walks you through integrating our SDK into your app in only 5 lines of code!
3. Start using the features you need!
Optimize app rating, create smart feature flags, send targeted in-app-messaging, and more!
Push updates anytime over the air, without app updates.