Feature Highlight
Revenue Growth
Optimize each step of your funnel to boost conversions and increase revenue.
Increase Conversions
Boost your conversion rate by reaching out to users when they are most likely to buy.
Target engaged users with over 100 built-in properties and their user history.
Onboarding and Funnel
Guide users through your funnel using in-app messages and deep links to enhance engagement with key features.
Deliver targeted messages using detailed engagement history and device state.
Remote Control, No Coding Needed
Update targeting, timing, and messaging remotely without waiting for app store approvals.
Make updates without writing new code.
A/B test and roll out the winning formula to all users.
Getting Started Is Simple
1. Sign up for a free account
2. Install the Critical Moments SDK
Our quick start guide walks you through integrating our SDK into your app in only 5 lines of code!
3. Start using the features you need!
Optimize app rating, create smart feature flags, send targeted in-app-messaging, and more!
Push updates anytime over the air, without app updates.